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Our House Rules

Welcome to YouMeow Cat Cafe, where our feline friends are the stars of the show!
We want to ensure our furry friends have the best life possible, so we kindly ask our guests to follow these purrfect house rules:

  • If you see a cat snoozing, please let them be and you may pet them gently. We all need our beauty sleep, right?

  • We provide all the cat-tastic treats our feline friends need, so please refrain from feeding them any of your own goodies. We want to keep them healthy and happy!

  • We want our kitties to be able to see the world without hurting their beautiful eyes, so please turn off your camera flash. Selfies with our kitties are still encouraged and please tag us in your pics!

  • Our cats are free to be themselves and have their own personalities.
    Feel free to ask our    staff about each cat and what they like best!

  • Our feline friends are free to roam and choose if they want to
    socialize with guests or take a cat nap. We respect their
    independence and boundaries!

  • We ensure that our cat's living space is more than spacious enough
    for them to thrive, play, and explore.
    We've even got two floors for them to frolic around in!

  • We maintain a cozy temperature range of 15°C to 21°C
    for our cats. We want them to be comfortable and happy <3

  • Our cats have an abundance of toys, hiding spots,
    and climbing structures to keep them entertained.

  • We want to keep our furry friends healthy, so please sanitize
    your hands before entering our cat lounge.

  • We take the welfare of our cats very seriously and regularly liaise
    with the council's Animal Welfare team to ensure their wellbeing.

  • We keep our cat's toilet facilities clean and tidy downstairs    to avoid any conflicts between our feline friends.

  • All our cats are registered, vaccinated, microchipped, and regularly checked to maintain their optimal health.

  • We keep a close eye on our kitties with video surveillance to ensure no mistreatment occurs.

  • Our furbabies stay in the cafe overnight with free roam to rest in peace after each busy day. We have a metal shutter in place once we leave for safety.

  • We have emergency procedures in place to keep our cats safe and secure in case of any unforeseen events.

  • Our café is just 10 minutes away from our owner's home, so we're always on standby in case of any cat emergencies!

  • Lastly, we've got all the necessary facilities to dispose of animal waste properly.

Thank you for following our house rules and helping us create a safe and happy space for our feline friends.
Let's all have a purrfectly pawsome time at YouMeow!

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